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Toy Story - The Review

Talking Toys who changed the face of Animation!

PD's Review:

I am just going to get straight into it!

This film is fantastic!

When Toy Story was released animation films were in a slump Disney were producing on average 1 animated film with there last huge hit "The Lion King" 3 years earlier.

Technology was changing and Toy story was the right film at the right time.

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen both take over and give fantastic voice performances as Wooddy and Buzz and give the animation real substance.

The animation at the time groundbreaking and still lives up strong today.

Even hearing Randy Newmans "You got a friend in me" still takes everyone back to Toy Story.

One of the joys with Toy Story is that yes it is a children's film but Adults have been included with some adult references which I have picked up the older get.

I have seen not only myself enjoy this film but also 2 younger brother and now my son all of whom love this film.

Isn't that the test of a true classic, it feels good to pass this film down to a new generation and i'm sure it will bring enjoyment to many generations to come.

PD's Rating - 9 / 10

GR's Review:

You ask anyone to name you a kids movie or a Pixar movie and 9/10 people will probably say toy story!

This is a childhood film for me and one I grew up with watching time and time again. It had me thinking my whole childhood "what if my toys were alive"?

An all star cast including a 90s Tom Hanks who was on a role in pretty much every film he did back then, Tim Allen off the back of the Santa Clause, seem to form one of the best duos in film history.

The animation back in the day was groundbreaking and set Pixar up for hit after hit after hit!

If you have kids heck even if you don't it's just a great film all round!

The story pace is lovely and there is plenty going on that you never get bored.

The simply story of anger and jealousy leads to the forging of a great relationship between cowboy and space man!

I won't tell you to watch this movie because chances are you've most likely already seen it so just simply go watch it again and again!

GR's Rating - 8 / 10

Total Rating - 17 / 20

We are happy to Award Toy Story the "Golden Award"

A Fantastic achievement in cinema that audiences have come to love

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