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Toy Story 3 - The Review

Spell binding way to finish the trilogy!

GR's review:

11 years after two of the greatest kids films ever made the big wigs at Pixar and Disney set about making a 3rd Toy Story movie.

The task alone is daunting, the audience it once had i.e myself, had grown up and was now 19 at the time! How do you approach a new audience and get old ones back to the cinema?

Simple! Make the characters grown up too!

This time we find Andy has all grown up and started college and no longer needs his toys, except Woody of course but he ends up in the bin bag too!

They end up at a play group where a mean bear is in charge and you quickly realize that it's a toy eat toy world!

The gang spring loose in the hunt to return Woody and Co before Andy sets off to college!

The film hits the laughs and comic value of the last two and one again tugs on the heart strings towards the end as Andy says good bye to his toys and they are gifted over to a little girl who loves nothing more than to play!

It's a roller-coaster of a ride and the animation has come leaps and bounds! It's a lovely film with as much heart as any recent movie I can think of, does it hit the highs of the last two for me personally... I would say yes but if they were all on TV at once I'd be going for the first 2 more!

GR's Rating - 7.5 / 10

PD's Review:

The task of taking on Toy Story 3 was never going to be easy. The time passed since the second film had gained the franchise so many new fans and the 11 year gap brought a whole new audience.

Have no fear the Gods at Pixar delivered.

Not Just a great film but a wonder end to the trilogy.

The premise is simple, what happens when a toys owner grows up and doesn't play anymore?

The solution - Daycare! and its hear we send the majority of our time.

As always the animation on show is at the top of its game, the voice work as solid as ever.

This is a funny film the scenes with Spanish Buzz are some of the best in the series.

What is included in this film is some real drama and a full on pull at the heart!

The furnace scene has become one of not only Toy Story's but also Pixar's stand out scenes and will have you genuinely nervous and worried.

As for the final scene!

When this was released everyone assumed that this would be the last film in the franchise, so when Andy is saying goodbye the audience were also saying goodbye. Its a wonderful scene and what is great is that yes children will find it sad but this scene hit adults harder, I know many parents who cried in the cinema whilst watching with there children.

Its a sad gentle reminder that we all have to say goodbye to our childhood at some point, we all have memories of toys growing up (i remember the Robin Hood Prince of Thieves play-sets) but ultimately we let them go and move on.

Toy Story 3 not only rounded off the trilogy in the perfect way but also help position the trilogy one of the best ever made, it is up in the top 3 along with Star wars and LOTR.

PD's Rating - 8.5 / 10

Total Rating - 16 / 20

Another "Golden Award" winner!

This also makes it the Golden Trilogy!

A Wonderful piece of cinema!

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