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Toy Story 2 - The Review

The Perfect sequel?

PD's Review:

Just how do you follow up on the original Toy Story?

its simple really - You take your time. it took 4 years for this wonderful sequel to be released (now it seems like we get a sequel every year).

All our favorite cast is back in this brilliant follow up.

This time round we dig into the History of Woody, who he is and the back story he never knew.

It may have been 4 years but it seems like Pixar never missed a second, The pacing is still wonderful, the comedy although not used as much as the first film is still wonderful when used (just look at the use of the 2 Buzz Lightyear's).

The animation is still wonderful to view, slightly improved since the first but not over done.

New Characters are introduced and in a couple of minutes feel like they have been part of the Toy Story family from the start.

When you look at great Sequels you straight away look at Star wars, Godfather, as 2 of the best, well you can add Toy Story 2 to that list at the top.

Just ever so slightly inferior to the original but equally enjoyable.

PD's Rating: 8 / 10

GR's Review:

How do you follow up one of the biggest kids films ever.... With toy story 2 of course!

The hype was massive the toys in toy shops and super markets leading up to the release was insane!

I'm pretty sure they made their money back on merchandising alone!

Toy story 2 picks up with the gang you fell in love with in the first one and this time throws a curve ball when it's Buzz's turn to save Woody after a collecter or sorts kidnaps him! The gang set off to search for him and carnage ensues and does so in wonderfully funny fashion!

This one however does have a rather more serious tone in places and Jessie's song is testament to the fact a kids film can make a grown adult emotional!

We get a nice star War riff with Zurg being buzz's dad SPOILER! and Mr potato head is still an absolute dick in this film!

Toy story 2 is one of a very rare breed, a sequel that's just as strong if not better than the original!

I will always love the first one but you can't help love the ending to this one and the songs used in the 2nd one are amazing.

Pixar raising the bar even higher this time round.

G score 8/10

Total Rating - 16 / 20

Another "Golden Award" winner for the Talking Toys!

Well deserved and a joy to watch!

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