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Thor - The Dark World - The Review

Thor but lazy!

PD's Review:

Here is my big big issue with TDW (The Dark World).

It just feels lazy!

Let me take nothing away from Hemsworth or Hiddleston's performances, actually there chemistry in this film is one of few high points.

But the low points just feel like we have seen it times before, even in Iron Man 3.

Loved ones are hurt causing our heroes to go for vengeance, key female character ends up being infected and must be saved before death and all ends in one big fight.

Maybe this film led Marvel to learn a couple of lessons,

1) if you have a director that works Then don't change. They tended to keep directs for fuure films and sequels.

2) There is no rush for sequels, take time and do it right!

Overall its not a bad film, but given the previous Marvel films this sits at the bottom.

P’s rating 6 / 10

GT’s Review:

Thor 2, where to begin with this one.

I in no means hate this film but it’s just not very good!

My personal worst of the marvel MCU movies.

This time a Dark Elf has arrived to claim the power of the Ether (reality infinity stone) it infects Natalie Portman and Thor must try to remove it plus fight the dark elf as the universes align or something stupid like that?

The finale is a disappointing action scene in London and Loki somehow ends up dethroning Odin to take the throne and the end credits scene introduces briefly the collector adding the reality stone to his collection. It’s a poor outing for marvel and Thor sadly. Watch it if you haven’t seen it but you won’t be rushing to pick it up again!

G score is 5/10

Total Rating - 11 / 20

Marvels bump in the road.

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