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The Incredible Hulk - The Review

The difficult Second film!

Detailing the events after the Gamma Bomb. 'The Incredible Hulk' is the story of Dr Bruce Banner, who seeks a cure to his unique condition, the effects of which cause him to turn into a giant green monster he has no control of whilst also suffering emotional stress. Whilst on the run from the military which seeks his capture, Banner comes close to a cure. But all is lost when a new creature emerges; .


After the buzz of Iron Man I was eager to sit down and watch the Incredible Hulk, I must admit at the time I did enjoy this movie and I remember watching the end credits scene thinking oh wow it’s Tony Stark!

Has it aged well? not at all! Edward Norton player the role of Bruce banner and was easily forgettable as Mark Ruffalo was to quickly dominate the role and make it his own! Liv Tyler all but disappeared as his love interest and the only person to survive was the general and now Secretary of State in the newer movies such as Civil War and Infinity War!

The villain was a nice touch, but again lasted 5 minuets.

Would I recommend this movie... if you haven’t seen it but want to watch the marvel movies then yes! But really it’s a forgettable movie that often gets lost in the slew of marvel movies that make up this massive universe!

G's Rating - 5.5/10


In all honesty it is a shame that Iron Man was such a success, without Iron Man this version of the Hulk may have had a better.

On its own its not actually that bad of a film, Edward Norton was seen as not really a big box office actor but at least a safe bet when it comes to a performance add in Liv Tyler who herself was riding the ends of her Lord of the Ring fame and Director Louis Leterrier come in with some experience of over the top action (which you need for a Hulk film) from directing Transporter 1+2 and Unleashed.

All of the initial pieces were in place for a solid Hulk attempt!

Unfortunately the film peters out into just another OK attempt to get the big green guy correct on screen. Gone was the bright Green Hulk, what we got was a more darker more moodier Hulk with a very impressive head of hair!

The villain is OK

and is very menacing when played by the excellent Tim Roth, however in the end this turns into another CGI slog-fest (not bad CGI but not Iron Man levels).

In the end everything Marvel did right with Iron man - good CGI, well paced action, Great soundtrack were visibly missing from the Hulk.

Plus points do have to go to the end credit scene featuring Iron Man even if it does feel like it was added at the last minute to try and let fans leave feeling happier.

P's Rating - 5 / 10

Total Rating - 10.5 / 20

An OK film that suffers because the bar had been considerably raised.

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