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The Conjuring - The Review

With a 3rd Annabelle movie coming out I thought why not start with the film that started this whole modern horror verse.

The Conjuring...

James Wann has a real knack for horror movies and this is one of the finest horror movies in modern times I would say.

It draws perfectly on suspense as much as it does setting and the sheer amount of detail that James puts into his movies is what makes them half the time so scary!

No stone is left un-turned and the tiniest of details are nailed down!

It's your standard haunted house story only this time based on real life paranormal experts Lorraine and Ed Warren, the characters are well fleshed out and the scenes that lead to jumping around and hiding behind a pillow are all brilliantly executed.

Yes it has several jump scares!

We all know are coming but at the same time it lures you in with a false scare you settle down then BAM! out of nowhere the wine you were carefully drinking is now all down you!

I think the spin off films like Annabelle and The Nun don't do the 2 core movies any real justice and that's shame as those movies literally rely on marketing that says based on or from the Conjuring universe!

Anyway this movie is a great horror movie and one I'd almost say will become a classic I rate it very highly in my horror collection so for that this movie gets a solid 7 for me in terms of scares, story and James sheer attention to detail!

GR's score 7/10

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