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The Amazing Spider-Man - The Review

Did we really need a full reboot?

PD's Review:

5 years after the disappointing Spider-Man 3, Sony decided it was time to bring Peter Parker back to the big screen.

during the time the Superhero landscape had changed. We now had a worked that included Iron-man, Thor and Captain America and we were gearing up for the Avengers first movie.

It was clear that the previous bright colorful Spider-man we had before just wasn't going to be enough.

In came Andrew Garfield to take on the role of Peter Parker. Gone was Mary Jane, replaced by the wonderful Emma Stone.

There was no Norman or Harry Osborne and Aunt May seems to have de-aged about 15 years.

The main villain this time round - The Lizard / Dr Curt Connors played very well by Rhys Ifans, The Lizard might seem a strange choice for the villain but I actually enjoyed the story.

Linking Connors back to Peters parents was a different touch not seen or mentioned in Spider-man films before.

The main issue I have with this version is that we have too sit through the Peter Parker back story again. Did we really need to see Uncle Ben snuff it again?

For me there was a stronger story line with Conors that if given the eta time (in place of backstory) could of made this film so much better.

That ultimately sums this movie up, its good but i just want a bit more from it. It feels a little big skippy in places.

Having said that, the CGI is great, the performances are solid and the subplot with Peters parents caught the eye and we really wanted to see how this played out.

PD's Rating - 7 / 10

GRS's Review:

It's 2012 and the MCU is now starting to flex its muscles and show just how powerful a super hero franchise can be... Cue Sony deciding to reboot the Spider-man series.

This time Andrew Garfield is calling the shots as the Amazing Spider-man!

What it should actually be called is the rather OK Spider-man though!

We get the same story of how he becomes Spider-man albeit with slight twists here and there and we spend the movie once again watching Garfield get to grips with his new powers and strength!

Gwen Stacey is the love interest in this one but doesn't really do much in the way of plot!

We see a glimpse of his parents and them disappearing which would have made for a much more compelling movie.

Garfield is an alright Spider-man and the villain is wasted massively.

Its a reboot that fails to really take off but is still enjoyable in places.

One to watch if you haven't seen it or just fancy a Spider-man movie

GR's Rating - 6 / 10

Total rating 13 / 20

Good but should of been so much better!

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