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The Amazing Spider-man 2 - The Review

Spidey sends sparks flying!

PD's review:

So much potential but not so much patience! That basically sums up ASM2.

Andrew Garfield is back as the web crawler again alone with the delightful Emma Stone. As Gwen.

These 2 do really have a good chemistry on screen and it is one of the highlights of the Amazing Spider-man films.

This time round we see Peter Parker struggling to uphold his promise to Gwens father at the end of the first film. Its an interesting conflict but one the viewer can easily understand as its easy to ask your self "what would you do?", actually most of us would do exactly the same as Peter.

The Villain for this outing is mainly "Electro" but along side him we also have action from "Rhyno" and a new version of Harry Osborn's Goblin.

Firstly - Electro - I actually liked the story behind Max and Jamie Fox's version of the character was I thought impressive. It was nice to actually see a villain who didn't actually have any other goal apart from kill Spider-man, No world domination on show here!

The CGI on Electro is good for the most part but there are times it is let down.

What is very impressive is the sound effects that go along with Electro, The bass is turned up when he is around and it really sets the tone well.

Harry Osborns Goblin is OK but really deserves more screen time, for me the Goblin should of been saved for a third film and been the main bag guy from the start.

Its not a bad version of the character just deserves longer.

Rhyno, here is my biggest grip with the film.

The excellent Paul Giamatti is wasted in this role, he deserves more but what we got was a slightly tongue in cheek brief showing. It gave nothing extra to the story and could have been left out with no effect.

Ultimately Sony did not learn the lesson from having 3 villains in the same film.

However, the acting on show in this film is vey good, Fox, Stone and Garfield are all on top form here.

However, the acting on show in this film is very good, Fox, Stone and Garfield are all on top form here. doesn't always win every time (we don't see that very often)

PD's Rating - 7 / 10

Good but could have been so much better!

GR's Review:

So 2012s Amazing Spider-man gets a follow up and arguably suffering from what the 3rd Toby Maguire Spider-man movie suffered from, that was too many villains being introduced at once but this time its only two (depending if you count Rhyno as a villain!).

We pick up with Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker, this time the smitten teen is dating the woman he was told not too in the last one!

It's more romantic love story in most places than a Spider-man movie, the villain this time round is nerdy cleaner turned electric villain Electro played rather brilliantly by Jamie Foxx!

People hated this villain but to be fair I thought it was a awesome choice and the special effects used are very decent!

The stand out scene in this film however is Harry Osborn's transformation into the Green Goblin!

It's gritty, its almost disturbing for a teen movie but looks so cool and painful it's believable!

It's a shame a 3rd movie never came about as I reckon his story would have been quite interesting!

(SPOILER) Gwen Stacey's death at the end was a shock but overall not surprising as the film still pushes the whole with great power comes great responsibility line!

This film is odd because in some places its really really rather good but in some places its really really rather rubbish! And for that it rather just becomes a meh movie rather than a great or terrible movie!

Overall a good film to watch and if your a 4K fan a decent 4K movie to test your TV out with!

GR's Rating 6 / 10 Total Rating - 13 / 20

Better than people give it credit for, but could of been so much better!

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