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Spider-man (2002 ) - The Review

Spider-Man.. The original still one of the best!

GR's Review

The Toby Maguire 2002 Sam Rami directed spectacle at the time that seemed to set the bench mark for modern day superhero movies!

This film pretty much started it all along side X-Men back in the early 2000's as the pinnacle of superhero movies!

The action is well paced and never really over the top certainly compared to today's movies!

The acting is great from an all star cast, Toby Maguire cements himself as one of the best and most beloved Spider-Man or any super hero in fact to date.

The villain sets up nicely for a trilogy to come and the whole story of how he becomes Spider-Man is well explained but not to complicated that kids and audiences alike will fail to understand. It's a great movie that still stands among the top superhero movies today.

The teen angst coming of age, battling with puberty told here in the Web slinging story that is Spider-Man.

A great watch and one I often to back to if it's on TV!

GR's Rating 7 / 10

PD's Review:

Back before Iron Man and the MCU we were treated to Sam Ramis Spider-Man.

This isnt the dark toned world we have now, this is a very colorful very bright comic book esq world and it serves up a real treat of a film.

Taking on the Spider-Man suit is Tobey Maguire in what was his first real lead staring role and he took to it like a duck to water. Tobey and Peter Parker seemed like a perfect fit on camera, the wit and confidence of spider-man with the nervous geeky Peter Parker.

Supporting Tobey is Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson, James Franco as Harry Osborn and Willem Dafoe who excellently plays Norman Osborn (aka Green Goblin).

The Spidey action is brilliant and the CGI is really enjoyable and it is filled with standout moments which after all of the following Superhero films still stand out.

Spider-Man kissing MJ hanging upside down is one such example.

A special Mention needs to go to J.K Simmons who is a spitting image in his portrayal of J.Jonah Jamerson. So much so that he has been brought back after all these years to reprise his role in Spider-Man Far from home.

The story is paced well with giving a detailed backstory (bye Uncle Ben!) whilst still leaving plenty of time to focus on the action.

This still stands up as one of the best Superhero films and one that will always be known as a classic.

PD's Rating -- 7.5 / 10

Total rating 14.5 / 20

Spidey certainly came out swinging with this one!

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