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Spider-Man 3 - The Review

One big web of a mess!

GR's Review:

Ah the 3rd movie... The final chapter.... The one that dots the last few i's and crosses the t's and wraps everything up... The saying good bye to characters we've come to know and love and send them off in any way fitting.... Well.... This is Spider-Man 3.

And it does NONE of that!

We pick up where Spider-Man 2 leaves off this time a strange black goo falls from space and attaches to Peters bike.

Now Peter is dealing with being Mr Nice and Spider-Man and is fed up with being pushed around and treated like a weakling so we start to see and are introduced to the black spider suit a more not evil but not quit venom Cross over!

Soon we see Peter Don the FULL EMO look and the painstakingly awfulness resumes as he dances his way down the street with this EMO looking hair cut trying to wink and smile at women and my god its bad!

Also somewhere along the line sandman gets introduced so now we have 3 villains to fill the run time!

Venom appears the actual one in the last 10 mins as Eddie Brock is in the wrong place at the wrong time when the black goo leaves Peter and descends onto him his taken down easily and Sandman vanishes into literal sand in the wind the green goblin gets beaten up and still hates Peter.

In the end your left rather than happy and content just confused and dazed at what you just watched! It's an odd ending and when you understand Sony wanted venom crammed into it as Sony loved venom we get a messy ending to what could have been a classic trilogy, instead it's a great duo but sadly not a great trilogy!

Watch it if it's on but don't be expecting a world class movie

G score 5/10

PD's Review:

Classic example of a film trying to cram to much in.

All the round work was excellently laid out in the first 2 films.

This film should have been a simple Sandman villain with the Harry Osborn (New Goblin) Story to tie the trilogy together.

Instead we went with 3 villains!

I think it is fair to say that this isn't a horribly bad film, but the bad parts just cant be ignored.

Its easier to list the bad points than go into full details:

- Emo Peter - What could of been an interesting take turned into a cheap EMO rip off from a Fall out Boy music video

- That Dance Scene - has to be seen to be believed but once you see it you cant ignore it!

- Venom - just not evil enough, didn't really capture the character

- Eddie Brock - Just wasn't given the right time to really build up the character. If i'm honest it isn't exactly the best acting performance either.

- Sandman linked to uncle Ben - no need for this, Sandman was a highlight but the back story wasn't needed.

However, through all the bad points there is good in this film.

The CGI is very impressive, Sandman and Venom look good (for the most part) and the fight scenes are very well done.

Sandman is actually one of the high points in this, you understand his motives and his battle with Spidey are cleverly done. Just didn't need to be linked back to Uncle Ben.

Harry Osborne (James Franco) also has his best film to date.

Overall this isn't the worse film you will ever watch but it could be one of the most disappointing when you see what came before it.

PD's Rating - 6 / 10

Total rating - 11 / 20

A disappointing end to what should of been a classic trilogy!

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