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Spider-Man 2 (2004) - The Review

The slightly moody Spider-Man

PD's Review:

Its not often that a sequel is equally as good as the first. However Spider-Man 2 manages to achieve this.

for me this is an excellent follow-up, and should be used as an example to all film makers looking to make a sequel.

I doesn't ignore the plot groundwork put in place from the first film but also manages to give us its own excellent villain and act as a stand alone film.

This time round we see Peter Parker struggle with his life as PP and as Spider-Man.

Again Toby Maguire puts in an excellent performance along with Kirsten Dunst and Jame Franco (MJ & Harry).

The Villain this time round - Doc Octopus - played fantastically by Alfred Molina.

It must be said that the CGI used to create the Mechanical arms as well as the fight scenes are superb and still hold up well today.

Again we are given a film that has some stand out scenes and imagery that sticks with us.

The scene with Spidey and Doc fighting whilst falling down from the building is brilliant, the removal of any studio effects or music during his fall (apart from a wind effect) makes this still one of my favorite fight scenes.

Who could also forget the Cafe scene with flying car!

Whats great with this film is that you get really absorbed into the Doc Oc Story that when we get a flash of the Osborn storyline it feel fresh and not over used.

Overall this is a great sequel which really deserves more credit than it gets.

PD's Rating - 7.5 / 10

GR's Review:

Few movies live up to the original one but Spider-Man 2 does a dam good job when it comes to sequels!

Maybe not better but certainly I would say on par with the first in various moments!

The villain this time is Doctor Octopus played and portrayed brilliantly in this movie.

Toby Maguire once again rocks as Spider-Man and while has come to terms with his powers the movie takes a random move to remove his powers at points and he has to find his way for his powers to come back!

The great thing about this film for me is the effects are very well done this time round and no obvious looking rubber dolls for people to hang on to whilst swinging through the streets! The finale is a strong finish and the great not twist but plot development is James Franco's Harry Osborne now knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man and assumes the Green Goblin role passed down from his father teeing up a strong finale for the 3rd film.... Well.... More of that in the next review! I really like this movie and it deserves a strong rating!

GR's Rating - 7 / 10

Total Rating - 14.5 / 20

Superb Sequel!

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