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May Album of the Month - American Pie 1

As the 20 year anniversary fast approaches its time we appreciate how good this really is

So what makes a good soundtrack?

Is it a list of classic well knows hits - no not always

For me a good soundtrack will take you back every time you listen to it.

For American Pie that time was 1999.

I had just left school and was about to embark on a journey to college.

American pie was the summer comedy smash that won he hearts of students across the world.

It was only fitting that the soundtrack would be equally as strong.

Stand out tracks on this album include

Blink 182 - Mutt - if this doesn't take you back to the Striptease Nadia routine there is something wrong!

Tonic - You wanted more

Shades Apart - Stranger by the day

Bic Runga - Sway - who could forget the obligatory slow song fitting the reflection scene!

Lets not ignore that this album isn't filled with chart topping band and smash hit singles.

Nearly all of the bands on this album have been long forgotten and moved on to other things.

This was a soundtrack to the summer of "99", that captured the feeling of teens across the world.

Even now i listen to this album and it takes me back. Takes me to that first year of college and everything that goes with it.

This album will stay with me forever and if you havn't given it a chance before I seriously recommend it.

Another mentioned but go to the tracks featured in the film which are not included on the soundtrack

Barenaked ladies one week - we all know the scene at the end! and it still makes me laugh

Simon and Garfunkle - Mrs Robinson

Marvin Gaye - How sweet it is (to be loved by you)

these are just a couple of stand out tracks you can find on any streaming American Pie playlist.

Soundtrack Rating - 7.5 / 10

Best Platform to listen - Get out the old 90s CD

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