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Ralph Breaks the Internet -

Surprisingly enjoyable sequel

When thinking of a sequel for the 2013 hit Wreck it Ralph, travelling into the internet would not have been my first option, with so many other games in the arcade to interact with the idea of getting online felt like a cheap cash in.

Its pleasing to say that when you reach the end of this film not only is the story an enjoyable ride but it doesn't fee cheap or lazy.

The story is pretty simple - Ralph needs to raise money online for a Ebay purchase due to a huge misunderstanding.

Yes it not complicated, but its a kids film so simple is what your going to get.

The Stand out factor in this film is just how funny it is in places, the Ebay bidding war is very amusing and is exactly how i child would think Ebay works.

However it is when Vanellope enter "Oh My Disney" where this really excels. Openly mocking itself, Disney introduces Vanellope to all of the existing Disney Princesses, what comes next is fantastic. I wont spoil it, just go watch it!

As has become a standard with Disney, the animation on show is fantastic and the voice talents are as strong as ever.

This might not have been the Disney sequel that people wanted but it was a wonderful surprise.

AA superb sequel that keeps your attention and Dam that Princess scene!

PD's Rating - 7 / 10

GR's Review:

A sequel we maybe didn’t ask for or need but still proves a fun family flick!

Wreck is Ralph 2 shines through with its nostalgia enticing performances and John c Riley who I think is massively underrated excels as the giant goof ball with a heart!

The movie maybe does move a bit slow at points and the story isn’t the strongest from Disney’s animation team.

But it’s a great family film and a good start for the Easter weekend with the family!

Adults will have plenty to laugh at as will the kids so sit back, feet up, and enjoy!

G score 6.5/10

Total Score - 13.5 / 20

If you like the first outing of Ralph then this wont disappoint!

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