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Muppets Christmas Carol

Master of Puppets!

PD's REview:

First I have to say - I love the muppets. 

At the age of 36 they still make me laugh.

I have watched many muppets movies but the Christmas Carol just could be the best muppets movie of them all. 

It shows how well Kermit and the gang were thought of in the 90s with them securing Sir Michael Cane as the lead Scrooge and he plays his role perfectly, his interaction with the gang is superbly done. 

Away from Cane the film is nearly stolen by Gonzo and Rizzo, the comedic pair are one of the big reasons why this film works so well, they offer a perfect comedic relief to the serious tone of Mr Scrooge.

Accompanying this film is a fantastic soundtrack.  Memorable songs that stick with you over the years, some still have a place in my Christmas playlist!

As Christmas classics go this is easily in the top 5 of any list and is truly deserved. 

Will the muppets ever reach this height again only time will tell but I for one will never tire of looking forward to watching this every Christmas. 

PD's rating - 8.5  and greatly deserved 

GR's Review

The muppets Christmas carol has to be that unsung Christmas movie that everyone forgets but everyone loves and I have to say it's such a wonderful take on the Charles dickens classic,

The characters are wonderfully placed and picked to perfection in their respected rolls.

Michael Caine is on point and simply wonderful, acting with great simplicity as the mean old scrooge!

The songs throughout the movie hit all the right notes and the humour is always there as well as a heartbreaking take with Tiny Tim in the final act.

The set and scenery of victorian London really makes this movie for me though, the buildings, shops and the streets all prefectly designed to encorporate the muppets and real people seamlessly as the camera pans from one point to the next.

For me this is the best take on the dickens classic and one I will watch every year, sing along to and laugh along with. I

recommend this movie to anyone wanting a good Christmas movie and as a mupetts movie goes it's the best one!

GR score 8

Total Rating 16.5. - GOLDEN AWARD WINNER !!!!!

One of the best Christmas films of all time.

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