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Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers - The Review

Is it possible to go one better than the Fellowship?

What we were given with the Two towers is arguably the greatest fantasy film ever made.

We pick up the Two Towers straight after the final events of Fellowship:

Frodo and Sam are off on there own (or so it seems)

Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas are Chasing after Merry and Pippin but are quickly on there own side mission.

As for Merry and Pippin well they were last seen being taken away buy Uruk-Hai. however they are quickly getting right in the thick of things thanks to some trees.

This what could have been a difficult second film has some fantastic story telling, the way we move between the now 3 story lines is cleverly done, and its always a smooth transition never effecting the passing or tone of the film.

For all the great story building in this film the main highlight is without doubt the battle of Helms Deep, never had we really seen a battle sequence so long and yet so believable.

Watching this in the cinema was wonderful experience, the sound effects department did a wonderful job and you are full pulled in to the battle.

At the end you feel like you have taken this battle with the rest of out heroes and that is a great film making feat that the team behind this film really do deserve all the credit they got.

A special mention does have to go to Andy Serkis and the amazing team behind Gollum.

The CGI used on this character was ground breaking and paved the way for so many movie characters since.

Personally this is my favourite of the trilogy, and that's not as if I don't like the others but for me this is just a bit stronger and smoother

PD's Rating - 9 / 10

GR's Review:

Following straight on from the fellowship of the ring the following year we had the two towers! The continuing epic based on the books and brought to life by peter Jackson!

We pick up nicely where the first film leaves off and while I find the pacing slow in this one (again 3 + hours long) the resulting battle of helms deep is arguably one of the greatest set ups and pay offs in any movie!

The humour is just right the EPIC score is incredible but the film always manages to never feel too over the top but rather draws you into believing what you are seeing is real! I guess that’s just because it’s based on an amazing book series!

The two towers for me is the weaker of the trilogy but the end more than makes up for the beginning!

The film again carried on the amazing spectacle and models mixed with cgi and continued to set bench marks for film making!

Our first real introduction of Gollum a now world famous character played by the massively underrated Andy Serkis.

I recommend again this movie to anyone but make sure you have seen the fellowship first or you will simply get lost with what’s going on!

G score is 7.5/10

Total Rating - 16.5 / 20

A fantastic sequel which is more than deserving of the Golden Era "Golden Award"

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