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Lord of the Rings - Return of the King - The Review

The Big grand finale we all wanted!

PD's review:

If taking on the Lord of the Rings story wasn't big enough for Peter Jackson and his team trying to give this third instalment the send off it needed was almost impossible!

The first 2 films were so well done that the job of finishing the story in the right way seemed almost to high of a task.

But our trust in Peter Jackson and the team paid off.

What we are given is a superb finale. All of the plot lines are given the respectful endings they deserve.

You really do feel the weight of the ring Frodo is carrying in this film more than the others.

The story arc of Aragorn from the mysterious Strider to the rightful king is a joy to watch unfold. The role has been played brilliantly by Viggo Mortensen and in my view deserved an Oscar for Best actor!

2 aspects of this film stop it getting a full 10 / 10.

a: the CGI in the main battle is sometimes a little over the top. We have had some fantastic sequences over three films but this felt a little to much in places.

b: Boy does that ending drag, for many the rightful ending is the wedding or Aragorn and Arwen. However staying true to the books we needed to take the Hobbits back to Hobbiton, and in some cases then travel off with the elves.

I don't really have an issue with this, but due to the energy and action from the battles this does just seem to drag on a bit to long.

Overall I still love this film! Its the kings film and he certainly steels the show for me!

PD's Rating - 8.5 / 10

GR's Review:

I find it hard summarising the Return of the King simply due to well... where do you begin!

At a monstrous run time of 3 and half hours (extended at just over 4) it’s simply a movie spectacle!

The end of the journey, the trilogy complete, from the battles to the slower scenes nothing is worth missing here!

Perfectly wrapping what is the greatest trilogy ever, yes it may not know when to end but you can never tire of the brilliance of this movie, it’s no wonder it literally won every single category at the Oscars it was nominated for, a record totalling 11 (marching titanic).

This isn’t your usual “let’s watch a movie” simply because as I say it’s 4 hours long!

The extended edition really is worth the extra 35+ mins of footage!

This is a movie that isn’t broken into part 1 and 2 like Harry Potter and the likes what this movie requires is total dedication to an afternoon but what an afternoon it is!

I have very few films I’d consider to be almost perfect and this is one of them and for that rather than go through the whole plot I’ll simply say watch it enjoy it laugh at it gasp at it maybe even cry at it!

4 hours what?!?

GR's Rating 10 / 10

Total Rating: 18.5 / 10

The first ever 10 / 10 rating from either of us!

A Third Golden Award for Peter Jackson and the Middle Earth team!

A total Rating certainly fit for a Glorious film!

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