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Lego Movie 2

Surprisingly not rubbish

After the unexpected hit that was the Lego Movie back in 2014, followed by the Lego Batman Movie in 2017 a lego movie 2 was always going to happen.

But ultimately could it keep up with the standards set?

THe answer - Almost!

Lego 2 isnt a bad movie but any standards, the great voice cast is all back and again do a very good job.

The Animation is brilliant, it certainly is pleasing to watch.

However there is just something missing from this latest outing.

The Story is a simple one Lego Duplo invade from outer space. Destroying everything quicker than it an be rebuilt. This then leads to the story jumping 5 years and we see a very apocalyptic lego world and the story runs from here.

I won't go into to much detail to avoid spoilers.

Unfortunately the story tried to be a bit more serious than it needed to be. The finale plot twist seems a little bit messy and confusing (I suppose a child won't mind it to much).

One really goo aspect of this movie is the use of key characters. the big success from the fist film was how certain characters stood out. apart from our main lead characters Emmit and Wyldstyle, Batman, Spaceman, Ultra kitty are all back and get the chance to have there stand out moments (batman obviously key after the Batman Movie)

The Soundtrack was always going to be of interest. the break out "everything is awesome" got horribly stuck in everyones head last time out, this time round something seems a little missing.

"Catchy song" is exactly what is says it is, and yes you will be singing it for about 20 mins after the film but that's about it, it feels forced and in doing so loses some of the impact.

"Gotham City Guys" is another stand out scene, its very amusing and cleverly done.

Overall this is a good sequel not as good as the first but ultimately was good enough for the studio to probably push ahead with a third outing.

Ultimately its a kids film and its one of the better options about

Rating 6 / 10

Everything is just below being awesome

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