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June Soundtrack of the Month - Guardians of the Galaxy

Did this soundtrack reignite the love for a good soundtrack?

Marvel are no strangers to a good soundtrack, Iron man 1+ " were both solid but they were more 3 or 4 stand out track not a full album.

The art of a great sound track seemed to have been lost a little over the past 15 years.

The teenager films of the early 00"s had some good efforts but I struggle to pick many films between 2004 - 2014.

Step up Guardians of the Galaxy! a Marvel comic franchise that people were not really aware of or in reality were looking to be made part of the universe.

From the opening credits the wonderful "Come and get your love" by 10cc helps set the tone for not just this scene but also the whole movie, It's fun, catchy and you know your going to watch something special.

We struggle to pick stand out tracks for this album as every song on the soundtrack serves its purpose perfectly and more importantly every song adds a little to the scene its used with.

Even down to the final 2 tracks "Aint no mountain High enough" by Marvin Gaye and "i Want you back" by the Jackson 5 both really fit the end of the film and have you dancing in your seat.

This is a great soundtrack that actually gets played in my house more than the film does.

Soundtrack Rating 9 / 10

Best Platform to listen - Get it on vinyl and play the classics loud!

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