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John Wick - The Review

The should of left his dog alone!

GR's Review:

Yes its really that simple! They should of just left his dog alone....

I loved the first John wick movie for several reasons

1. Keanu reeves is back and bad-ass as ever!

2. The story simple but enjoyable

3. I don't normally rate these generic action movies (Liam Neeson's movies I'm looking at you!) but John wick is simple gritty ultimate badass.

From the get go the story is set and its a simple revenge story we've seen before but man this film just seems to nail it so well, he almost feels invincible and maybe that's just because it's Keanu reeves I don't know! If you want a great action flick with kick ass action scenes and excellent choreography then this is a must watch.

I highly recommend this for anyone stuck with what to watch.

Amazing action all made more real because yes... They should have left the dog alone!

GR's Rating 7.5/10

PD's Review:

Normally John Wick is not normally my type of film.

We see so many of these over the top action films where normally people defy the laws of gravity that actually they become boring.

So my interest when John Wick opened was slim to say the least.

What stands out in John Wick is just how smooth it is.

The story runs at a relatively quick pace from start to finish. It would have been really easy to drag out the opening and the motivation for John Wicks path but 15 mins into the film you are on the journey with him.

What they do very well is blend the fight scenes and the linking scenes so easily.

The action is fast and doesn't really ease up, there are more head shots than you can count and with Keanu Reeves in fine form you cant help but root for him.

People some times forget how good Keanu can be, with John Wick we have him playing one of the best kick-ass characters we have been given in a long time!

Is this one of the best films ever made? No

Is it great popcorn film? Yes

This is a fun easy to watch film, the story is simple and but you actually don't mind that, even the way subtitles are used is a refreshing change!

PD's rating 7 / 10

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