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John Wick 2 - The review

He killed a man with a F**ING pencil!

Keanu Reeves returns more bad ass than ever and this time with a new doggo!

This is a great sequel that most action films would dream of!

The action is fast paced, the story develops nicely and it manages to set the stage for the 3rd movie brilliantly, ending on a cliff hanger of sorts it's a perfect follow up!

The action scenes again outstanding and the story and pace very well done!

My only gripe with the movie is how blazay the general public seem to be when John wick is killing people in Broad open spaces or general public areas like they are used to seeing it every single day!!!

But it's my only gripe and one that doesn't ruin the movie at all!

A great lad movie but also just a dam good sequel and one that you will want to watch again and again!

G score 7/10

PD's Review:

John Wick 1 was original, fun, but simple in story.

The task here - How do you follow that up without it becoming boring (looking at you fast and furious and any Jason Stratham sequels).

The key with John Wick 2 is simple, lets not try to outdo the original, lets keep it much the same.

The film starts 4 days after the original. John is quickly brought back into the world he had fought hard to leave.

This time they leave his dog alone but instead blow his house up.

John is tasked with completing his final "Blood Oath", upon completion John is then left fighting a 7 million bounty on his head.

Lots of shooting later John ends up breaking one of the sacred rules and as the film finishes we see John on the run (dog by his side) with a 14 mill bounty on his head and is now "excommunicado".

Its a fun sequel that doesn't try outdo the original, Keanu has certainly found a role that suits him as again he is superb and the action is equally as good as you would expect.

However, there is something just not right, yes it keeps the same feel from the first but that is also a weakness as the first is better and would be my preferred choice to watch.

That's not to say there is anything drastically wrong with this its just not as good.

Still a good film which does a good job of setting up the third film, the action is as fast paced and fun whilst still keeping a fresh feeling.

PD's Rating - 6.5 / 10

Total Rating - 13.5 / 20

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