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Iron man 3 - The Review.

Iron Man starts Marvels phase 2 with more of a wimper than a bang!

So so how do marvel follow up the fantastic Avengers Assemble? Well that would be Iron Man 3.

The problem is did marvel push it a bit to far???

PD’s Review:

Iron man 3 sees Tony stark deal with the mental stress from the fall out of Avengers Assemble..

RDJ is again in top form and is easily the bright spark in what feels like a missed opportunity of a movie.

The Mandarin is positioned as the films main villain, and genuinely feels like a real threat thanks for a brilliant first 3rd of this film.

The issue is the pay off just doesn’t fit the build up.

The biggest disappointment with IM3 is without a doubt the Mandarin reveal, and this is the missed opportunity and a waste of Ben Kingsley, the reveal is such a slap in the face that my disappointment actually carried on into the final third.

The final third is backed with great CGI but a bit messy in cutting and fluidity, there is also the start of a Pepper Pots story that feels like it is just brushed aside but could have been really cool to watch.

Unfortunately overall this feels like Marvel just trying to go one bigger when actually maybe holding back a little would have been better.

Ps rating - 6.5 / 10

GR’s Review:

Iron man 3 the almost Christmassy feeling Marvel film!

A film very much of two halves the first Half I thought was a very strong build up and nice plot development! The second however well...

The Mandarin reveal really doesn’t need much explaining to anyone who has seen this film but to those who haven’t it’s often described or used in references that start with the lines of “How not to do a villain “.

Pepper Potts gets some strange power at the end too but is never touched on again!

It’s a shame because this film does build to a decent ending with the house party protocol coming into play which we see back in Ultron!

A nice Sunday film again like most of these we’ve reviewed so far but certainly more enjoyable than the second one

G m’s rating -6.5 / 10

Total rating - 13 / 20

A great fist half is let down buy over complication.

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