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Guest Blogger - June - Finesse Movie Reviews!

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Each month we want to help one of our many fellow Movie reviews.

In our first Guest blogger we look at Finesse Movie Reviews, I have had the pleasure of meeting Peter and without his support we most likely wouldn't have Golden Era Reviews up and running.

Take a few mins and meet Finesse Movie Reviews:

My Name Is Peter Walkden, the man behind “Finesse Movie Reviews”.

Before Finesse Movie Reviews, I always had a passion and love for film and acting. During high school, I was lucky enough to work part time at my local video store, where I was trained in retail sales as well as growing my passion for film. I was a film collector (VHS and then DVD etc) from then on.

After high school, I even had an acting agent for a very short duration before I decided to continue working in retail and worked my way up to a management.

4 years ago, I accepted an offer of a full-time position as a Sales Manager for a well-known Distributor, specialising in HIFI, Home Theatre & Custom related projects.

It was during this current role that I decided to finally share my love for film with the rest of the world and over 2 years ago Finesse Movie Reviews was born.

My personal goal is to watch and review approx. 10 or more films per month.

These include films from the cinema, digital (such as Netflix) and physical media.

Finesse Movie Reviews was officially launched in April 2016.

I love movies so much that I finally decided one day to create a name, a logo and begin to share with the world my true passion for films.

I still remember walking into my local JB Hifi and I looked for my first film which would later review and publish.

I selected a blu-ray film titled “Cop Car” (2015) which starred Kevin Bacon.

Since then over 250 films have now been reviewed and scored.

Well I get asked for my favourite films all the time by fans or at least for my all-time top 10 list which I haven’t revelled to the world yet.

I will proudly say some of my favourites are Drive (2011), Psycho (1960), Blade Runner (1982) & The Dark Knight (2008).

While I’ve never officially reviewed it, my most hated film of all time is “MOVIE 43” (2013).

Other films which I have reviewed a film score of 1.0/10 includes Gun Shy (2017) & Deep Blue Sea 2 (2018)

I do have a couple of guilty pleasures, movies that are so bad they’re good fun?!

No judgement here right? I do enjoy a few good bad flicks.

Some of these included Broken Arrow (1996), The Marine (2006), Kung Pow (2002), & The Pirate Movie (1982). These are all films that can be enjoyed as brainless popcorn entertainment!

What does the future hold, well for 2019 there is a few films on my radar.

Let’s start with “Joker” Mostly because I am extremely curious to see the performance by Joaquin Phoenix alone.

“Stuber”, because it looks like a funny film!

“Once Upon A Time … in Hollywood”, Because I am a Tarantino fan (like many others!).

And lastly, I am keen to see “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”. I’m really hoping and praying for an improvement on the previous instalment (Seriously J.J Abrams, please don’t let us down!).

Finesse Movie reviews can be found:




Be sure to check them out!

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