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Guest Blogger - July - Reeltoruna

So its time for another guest blogger.

This month we have the wonderful Karuna (Reel to Runa).

Please take a few mins to check out her Instagram and twitter page.

Karuna posts some really solid reviews and I find it really interesting to read up on films that I have never heard of.

Enough me, Ill let Karuna introduce herself.

Hey Everyone! My name is Karuna.

I’ve been a film and music reviewer since the past year.

Movies and music have been a large part of my life since I can remember, and people throughout college would tell me to start reviewing since I am their source of film news.

I embarked on this journey in May 2018, and it’s been a lot of fun! I have a large variety of taste in films, but if I had to pick, Castaway and Shawshank Redemption would be on the top of my list.

Particularly, I enjoy films from the country my family is from, India.

My favorite Bollywood (hindi language) film is Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

A guilty pleasure of mine is to marathon both Harry Potter and Marvel films chronologically!

This year, I was of course particularly ecstatic for Avengers: Endgame.

For the rest of the year, I am looking forward to watching Booksmart, Lion King, Rocketman, Dark Phoenix, MIB, Toy Story 4, Spider-Man Far From Home, The Farewell, Frozen 2, and Star Wars.

Follow my page for fun reviews, singing and dance covers, and more!

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