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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

If there ever was a film definition of a difficult sequel then guardians 2 would be it!

PD's Review:

Guardians Vol.2 has some really good moments, the story line of Yondu is a real high point finished with possibly the most emotional Marvel scene to date (no including films released after GOTG2).

Unfortunately a lot of other aspect just feel disappointing, the comedic aspects from the first film now feel forced, this is mainly with Drax’s dialogue and some of the jokes with Groot just feel cheap laughs.

The films main villain is Kurt Douglas who plays Star Lords real dad Ego. This aspect of the film starts quite strong but becomes a bit of a mess to the point I actually lost interest towards the end.

The CGI in this is as always very strong, the de-ageing of Douglas at the start is very impressive and in general the film is quite bright and colourful.

It’s a real shame that somebody decided to take everything that was good from the first film and just try to force that again in us.

Even the soundtrack doesn’t seem as strong and used for cheap pops.

It’s still a good film just feel like it missed the mark.

PD's Rating - 6 / 10

GR's Review:

Guardians Vol.2 - The follow up to one of Marvels biggest risks when it came to movies!

The attitude here is very much of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and that has its pros and cons!

This time around we see our hero’s in search of Quill's dad who turns out to be Kurt Russell!

To make it more complicated he is this weird planet like thing called EGO a celestial type being this has mates all over the universe planting seeds, on earth he just so happened to bump into Quill's mother, falls in love and ya the get the rest!

The story is fairly linear with no real plot twists and turns but it’s a fun action flick with another kick ass soundtrack!

James Gunn sticks with his winning formula from Guardians 1 and while great also is the problem!

I would have liked to have seen a bit more than what was given to us, and maybe a different story, kept Quill's history and how he was able to hold an inifinity stone a mystery to keep fans guessing!

Over all it has all the hallmarks of the first one but maybe just too many of those same hallmarks!

Worth a watch definitely if just for the opening scene and final scenes alone!

GR's Rating - 6.5 - 10

Total Rating - 12.5 / 20

Good but losing the originality of the first film.

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