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Guardians of the Galaxy - The Review

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Marvel Gunns for Greatness

Its safe to say that Marvels Phase 2 hadn't exactly stared as planed.

Iron man 3 and Thor 2 were both met with mixed and disappointing reviews.

Winter soldier as great as it is also has following of people who don't like.

Marvel needed a game changer........

Along come the Guardians of the Galaxy.

PD's Review:

Peter Quil (Chris Pratt), Gamora (Zoe Saldana ), Rocket (Bradley Cooper ), Drax (Dave Bautista) and Groot (Van Diesel) all make up the Guardians, all after misfits who find them self's thrown together to save the universe.

Sounds like a film we have seen a thousand times before, and we have. But this is so much more.

The Acting on show from our main Guardian is on point, taking on each characters personality like they had played them for years, a special mention to the comedic strength of Chris Pratt (previously of Parks and Recreation) is the perfect front man to this group showing that he fits perfectly alongside Iron Man and Thor.

We cant talk about Guardians with out talking about the soundtrack. now established as one of the best movie soundtrack of all time, every track used in this film is excellently placed adds another level to every scene it is involved in. I personally have this in my collection and its gets played very regularly.

My only minor issue with this film is the villain and the ending, there just isn't enough of Ronan the Accuser and because of this he never really feels like a danger and as such the final fight seems a bit of let down and as for the dance off..... never really did it for me.

P's Rating - 8 / 10

GR's Review

Guardians of the Galaxy was a big risk from Marvel at the time and I will always remember explaining it to my wife when she asked me what it was about as simply saying.... it’s got a talking raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper and a talking tree voiced by Vin diesel!

I was sold but she wasn’t!

However after a fantastic and solid performance from Christ Pratt, Dave Bautista and Zoe Saldana! From the whole cast and a kick ass soundtrack that could match any movie we both loved it!

This movie doesn’t take its self seriously which is why it works so well!

The villain is while a little weak holds up nicely and we are introduced to Thanos for the first time too! The power stone is the infinity stone that makes its appearance here.

Simply put if any film can make you feel sad at the death of a talking tree then it’s done a dam good job surely!

Full of humour/sadness and action right from the start it’s one of the best marvel movies in my opinion!

A great movie to pick from the collection and a great movie to watch when ever you want a light hearted funny action packed movie!

G's rating - 8 / 10

Total Score - 16 / 20

Another "Golden Award" winner for Marvel.

Maybe they found a winning formula.

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