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Game of thrones - Season 8 review

And now the watch is over!

GR review:

Finally after 9 years we reach the end and the fate of the 7 kingdoms decided!

To be honest I wish I didn't know!!

After what has to be the most rushed season of a TV show I have ever seen.

Don't get me wrong it had action spectacle and everything that makes Game of Thrones a great show but what it lacked was what was historically at the heart of thrones, the slow build, the character development and the journey that came to define the series.

Many characters had there story arc ruined or simply forgotten about because they didn't have time to finish them properly!

Even key characters got there story arcs abruptly ended after all the build up that winter is coming... It came for about 2 minuets (title of my sex tape).

The Night King quickly gotten rid of then move forward with a plot that had 3 more episodes to tie up the show! What this season did sadly was make me neither happy or sad that it was over but rather its done and now I don't care!

Its not quite as bad as Dexters final season but man what a bummer!

GR's Rating 5 / 10

PD's Review:

After so much goodness over the past 7 seasons, the legacy that GOT leaves behind could really be how disappointing the final 6 episodes were. Actually make that the final 4 as actually the first 2 episodes were not to bad. But what a downward turn we had.

A lot of hype had been made of this final season.

We were promised one of the greatest battles put on film that took 50+ nights to film.

Then we are promised an episode 5 that would blow this away.

What we got was a battle you could hardly see with a final pay off that felt like an anticlimax.

and a follow up episode 5 that even tho was dramatic and visually impressive, so disappointing on many levels.

The big issue faced with GOT this year was partly how limited it was, 6 episodes, and roughly 10 + story arcs to finish, it was never going to please everyone.

What shocked me the most with this season was the pacing, the whole season felt very quick, think back to when Jon Snow was stabbed and "died" that scene was given time for maximum effect an the build up over multiple episodes.

Now look at Daenerys turn to crazy, this was never given the time it needed for maximum effect and the payoff scene with Jon in the final episode just felt flat.

Jon's Targaryen story line also seemed to be wasted, you could have removed that completely from the last season and still have the same outcome.

Ultimately GOT was groundbreaking. It has given us so much over the years, and that makes this final season harder to watch.

PD's Rating - 4 / 10

Total Rating - 9 / 20

the good points of this season unfortunately were so heavily out weighted by the bad!

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