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Game of Thrones - S8 - E2

War is coming!

So Second week of GOT, the big question from the first episode - How do we follow up the big reveal to Jon?

Well the answer is - the secrets out!

This second episode is very much the calm before the storm, we are informed that the White walkers will be at Winterfell the following day.

What we see in his week is how our characters prepare for the impending doom.

What i really liked is that this week instead of spending lots of time focusing on the men who will fight, but seems to spend the episode focusing on the women at Winterfell and what they are doing prepare.

We see Sansa and Daenerys discussing the throne and what happens to WInterfell after the war.

Brienne is spending her final hours with a number of other characters, Sadly with this group it feels like a long goodbye for most of them.

Arya spends her time doing what most other people would do, and boy did it split in the internet!

Then we have the big episode reveal with the 3 eyed raven!

Another good episode building to next weeks historic event

P's Rating - 7 / 10

GR's Review:

Episode 2 continues where episode 1 leaves off with Jamie facing an almost court room encounter with the whole of Winterfell.

The episode again like last week falls short on the action but it never felt slow or boring! Instead building up nicely to the battle to come.

This was all about the females this episode and while John confirms to Danerys what we all found out last week my prediction for the end is going right out of the window! We didn’t even see Kings Landing this week and fittingly so we know what’s happened there and that stage is set! This episode was very much about Winterfell, the huge ensemble of characters now there and the war to come!

Next weeks episode 3 has all ready been confirmed to be 20 mins longer than originally planned but boy are we in for it next week!

G's Rating - 7 / 10

Total rating 14 / 20

Another strong episode which is building up nicely.

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