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Frozen 2 - The Review

The magic of Disney strikes again.

I think even by Disneys of Admission, when they released Frozen in 2013 they new it was good but I doubt they expected it to take off the way it did.

It was inevitable then that we were always going to get a sequel, meeting the same quality if the first one .

In Disney we. trust! The mouse house is really on a strong run at the moment, and it looks like they have found a winning formula on creating sequels.

Everything you loved about the first Frozen is present in this film.


Yes there are plenty and in my opinion are better than the original.

"Into the Unknown" could easily walk away with the Oscar or best song this year. It an addictive track which cants the feet tapping.

Also the Panic at the disco" version at the end credits is a real treat and shows Disney isn't afraid to try something a little different.

"Lost in the Woods" is another stand out, Disneys take on an 80s power ballad and very well done. This even get a Weezer make over on the OST.

The story might not be the strongest and most adults will be able to spot plot twists and outcomes well in advance but this wasn't made for them!

It would have been easy for Disney to fall. into a dangerous zone, going to heavy on the sisterhood aspect and giving to much screen time to Anna and Elsa. They could also have gone overboard on Olaf and push his comedic aspect too much.

It was good to see that each of the key characters if given time to bring something to the film.

Olaf is obviously the comedic relief for most part but even this aspect was pushed down ur throat (unlike say Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy 2).

Having never been a massive fan of the original, and went into this with lower level of expectation.

I left this seem feeling very happily mistaken. This film is a delight to watch.

For me this exceeds the original and it one of the best Disney Sequels they have ever produced.

Rating - 8/10

A really great film which tops off a great year for Disney.

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