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Golden Era's Forgotten Gem

This week a much forgotten Disney classic:


Think back over the many Disney films that have been. There is possibly a handful of moments that grab your heart stings and nearly pull them through your chest.

Possible the most heartbreaking is the first ten mins of UP.

Usually Disney will spend the whole movie building your relationship with the characters and then kick you at the last 15 mins or maybe half way (Mufasa!!) , Up give your 10 mins and your done! and its this which is a big part of why the film is so good.

You are going into the film basically very low just like the main character "Carl" and your emotions change and grow with him over the course of the film.

The films plot is actually quite simple. Carl moves his whole house with the help of thousands of balloons from America down to South America to "Paradise Falls". Obviously its not as simple as that but i wont give spoilers!

Little does Carl know that a young "Wilderness Explorer" called Russell is also along for the ride.

The story then follows there journey from strangers to friends helped along buy the wonderfully adorable golden retriever "Dug".

Then comes twists and turns, danger and laughter.

The CGI in this film at time is Pixar at its best and some of the scenes and themes are a bold more for Disney but ones which are done wonderfully well.

Overall this is a wonderful Disney Pixar film that doesn't get the recognition it deserves, Disney is at a point where its maximizing on sequels and live action, and Up got lost in the pile.

if you haven't seen this then make sure you watch it, you wont regret it.

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