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Forgotten Gem - Fracture

Battle of the Wits between the old and the new

This week on Hidden Gems we take a look at Fracture.

Ted Crawford shoots his unfaithful wife, confesses to the police - orally and in writing - but then pleads not guilty and opts to defend himself in court. The young DA assigned to the case, Willy Beachum, has had a successful career with a 97% conviction rate. Beachum however is actually on his way to a lucrative position in a big private law firm, but his desire to win keeps him on the case. What ensues is a battle of wits between the two as Crawford systematically destroys his opponents case.

OK, so court room dramas are not exactly a new genre of film, and going into this you don't really think this will be any different.

That is until you see Anthony Hopkins kill his wife and openly admit it to police!

This film quickly moves to the court room where the story takes a welcome turn from the usual courtroom movie.

Ryan Gosling plays the young up and coming deputy district attorney William Beechum, believing this to be a simple open and shut case, is really put through his paces.

The chemistry between Hopkins and Gosling is pure brilliance to watch with a solid script to help.

Some of the other performances in "Fracture" unfortunately do go missing but that is mainly due to how strong the lead 2 are.

This has you thinking not "Did he do it?" but "Is he going to get away with it?"

its because of this that you really are hooked right till the end.

Perfect film if a little bit of you roots for the bad guy to win!

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