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Dr Strange

To some it was seen as a big risk bringing in a new Character with his own origins movie after 13 films, it was also a risk to bring in the magical Marvel world to the MCU. Would audiences get on board with it?

GR's Review:

Dr strange stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the ego-centric surgeon turned car crash victim turned Master of the mystic arts!

I really enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would and Benedict Cumberbatch plays the role of Stephen Strange very well!

This time rather than introducing space we get introduced to quite literally reality and the parallel dimensions that threaten our universe! It’s a CGI blast and it introduces some nice characters!

I thought the villain was well done and the action is mind bendingly insane but very well done!

It has nice pace and Benedict Wong plays an awesome side kick to Benedict Cumberbatch! Definitely worth a watch it has nice emotion and a nice story topped off with awesome action!

Gs's Rating - 7/10

PD's Review:

Things always work better when you have a strong cast.

Chiwetel EjioforMads Mikkelsen, Tilda Swinton, Rachel McAdams were all on board along with Benerdict Cumberbatch as Dr Stephen Strange, you can not help but be convinced by Cumberbatch as the cocky, witty yet smooth Dr.

Strange, the worlds best brain surgeon is near fatally injured in a car crash and seeks out Karma-Taj to find a cure for his injuries but what he find instead is The Ancient one who promises to tech Strange the Mystic arts. With the Help of Mordo the Ancient ones assistant and Master Wong (the films comedic relief) Strange picks up his new skills surprisingly quickly.

Against all the rules and on the back of Dr Stranges Ego he picks up the "Eye of Agamotto" (happens to be an infinity stone).

Kaecilius (Mikkelsen) calls forth Dormammu of the Dark Dimension (big planet being).

This is actually one of the best origin films the Marvel universe has produced. The magic element fits straight in, the comedic aspects are perfectly done, and the fight scenes are again a fresh take for the Marvel franchise.

The end battle is also a interesting and unique fight with a very clever ending.

Dr Strange is a very enjoyable film with great CGI, a strong script and sold acting performances.

If i had to pickk a weak point then you could look at the pace of Dr Strange's training, he goes from useless to mystic Master in what feels like seconds. For me there would have been no harm in adding a few mins to the film and giving the training more time and a bit more information on the Mystic arts.

P's rating - 7.5 / 10

Total Rating - 14.5 / 20

A fun change to the Marvel universe, the introduction of Magic fits straight in perfectly.

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