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Captain America The Winter Soldier - The Review!

Cap packs a punch.

GR's Review:

The winter soldier....

Personally In the God tier in the Marvel movies! Chris Evans is back and kicking more ass than ever! It’s also the first film the Russo brothers would direct and boy is it a good ride!

We learn that Bucky Barnes did indeed survive the fall in the first film and has after some Hydra experimentation becomes a living weapon AKA the Winter Soldier!

SHIELD has been compromised and Hydra has its tentacles everywhere!

It’s a great paced movie that has some amazing action scenes and the finale is something awesome, the movie brilliantly introduces the Falcon along the way, it calms down for a bit so you can catch your bearings but even if you took it out of the Marvel movie lineup it would still be a dam good action movie!

One I would go back to time and time again!

Definitely watch this if you haven’t seen it yet and more so if you just want a dam good action movie!

G score is 8/10

PD's Review:

The Winter Soldier is historically one of the strongest comic book arcs in Marvel history. The big task here was could it be done correctly on screen?

The answer was an astounding YES!

The great aspect to TWS is just how much is packed into this film and it never seems too much.

We have 3 new key characters introduced, Falcon and Winter soldier being the most detailed (Sharon Carter is also introduced), all being given to us at the same time as Shield being compromised and eventual downfall.

All of these are fitted nicely into a Espionage Thriller style film.

The story detail is what really keeps this film strong, there is a lot of ground to cover in this film and the pacing never feels rushed and even the slower scenes are filled with key plot details.

Chris Evans has by now fully perfected the role of Captain America, in this film we see the excellent chemistry with Falcon (Anthony Mackie), along with the returning Scarlett Johansson as Black widow (turning up the sexiness levels) who adds a good level of comedic relief which is needed during the serious tone set.

This is a great roller coaster ride which even away from the MCU is a strong standalone film.

the script is strong, the CGI is as always brilliant, the relationships are great to watch, the action is fast passed and well shot.

There is a reason why I can watch this film at any point and still enjoy it.

P's Rating 8.5 / 10

Total Rating - 16.5 / 20

Proud to give "The Winter Soldier" the Golden Era GOLDEN AWARD!

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