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Captain America Civil War -

Team Red or Team Blue!

PD's Review:

So in the 6 months prior to release I read all 100+ issues involved in the Civil war arc. following all of this reading and watching the film I came to the following conclusion.

Captain America Civil war is very good, Its just not the Civil war I wanted!

Following an explosion which kills among others Black Panthers Father, it is determined that all Super Heroes are to give up there secret identity and basically be accountable for their actions.

Half of our heroes get behind this and half of them don't, the half that don't end up on the run etc etc.

So what does the film do well:

Firstly the acting on show here is brilliant right across the board and this is possibly my favourite RDJ performance so far as Tony Stark the serious guilt ridden Iron Man is a nie change.

The fight scenes are wonderfully shot, the fight between Iron Man, Captain America and Bucky (winter Soldier) is so smooth and yet so much fun. the CGI also on point.

The introduction of Spider-man and Black Panther is excellently done (even tho Spider-mans was spoiled in the trailers).

But here is my issue;

What the comic did so well was really put the reader in a difficult position and really wanted the reader to also decide what side they were on, the catastrophic event at the start is a really big issue, yet in the film the event is big but we have had bigger in both avengers so it loses a little it of impact for me.

There is also the ending; in the comic Captain America is arrested and then shot on the steps of the court house, Crossbones was responsible, this leads Bucky and Falcon to head on in chase.

This for me would be the better ending. It could have led to a Bucky / Falcon movie (which would have been fun) and you could still have Cap return in Infinity war in the same way.

I just feel like Disney and Marvel took the more less risky option. It could have been such a cliff hanger ending that people would have been talking about for years to come.

As I said its a good film with some really strong high points, just felt let down in places.

P's Rating - 7 / 10

Gr's Review:

Pick a side! Cap or iron man, red vs blue!

Civil war was my most anticipated marvel movie of the time. I had read the comics so was weary going into this one thinking oh my god who dies?!?

Now this might sound cynical but I was annoyed that no one died and the only casualty was Rhody who was basically crippled!

The movie though is a great blast and it was like a mini avengers movie this time however all fighting themselves!

The villain in this one is played by the wonderful Daniel Brühl (inglorious bastards) who managed to plan the seeds in the heads of the avengers and initiating a split between Cap and Iron Man!

The spectacle of this film is an awesome airport scene featuring our newest avenger Spider-Man! Who managed to steal the show and set the tone for a new younger Spider-Man! The end result leaves caps team going rogue but keeping In touch with Iron Man!

It’s a decent film not as good as cap 2 personally but Civil War just about gets it right

A great action flick but damped by the lack of daring film making to kill of key characters like they do in the comics

G score 7/10

Total Rating: 14 / 20

A Solid effort and very enjoyable, they just bottled out on the ending!

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