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Bohemian Rhapsody - The Review

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

They wanted somebody to love and Wow did they find an audience willing to give them that love.

Bohemian Rhapsody the true story of Queen's journey from the start of the rock band to their now-legendary 1985 performance at the Live Aid. The story chronicles Freddie Mercury's tempestuous journey from an outcast immigrant struggling to find his place in a rejecting society to his becoming a beloved and world-famous artist.

PD’s review: If your like me you grew up with Queen and the amazing music (and music videos) of the 80s the thought of an actor playing Freddie Mercury was a scary, how could anyone do him justice on screen? Freddie Mercury was special and unique. But the story behind the man is one that Hollywood couldn’t resist. A story of friendship, lies and loneliness and every emotion in between.

Step up to the plate Rami Malek, I’ll be 100% honest I was hooked from the first trailer. The look, the attitude, the swagger it is all there and he is the perfect front man. Everything about his performance is on the money and he completely deserved his Oscar win. Add into this a great supporting cast who are fantastic as the other members of Queen and you have a great starting point. Personally not enough has been said of Lucy Boynton playing Freddie’s long term friend and once girlfriend Mary Austin, the connection and emotion her and Malek have on screen is perfect (its no wonder then ended up dating in real life). With a soundtrack that will have your feet tapping and head nodding, combined with a very strong script. Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the strongest films of 2018. Forget all the negativity around Bryan Singer – This film deserves its place in the award winners and in your Blu ray collection!

P’s Rating – 9 / 10

GR’s review: There are few films where someone who isn’t really interested in music or film can come away and say they loved bohemian rhapsody but maybe that’s just because of the band and how influential they truly were,

The movie itself is a great tribute and insight to one of the worlds biggest starts, Freddie mercury! With a run time of just over 2 hours it left me wanting more and more! The film does feel rather rushed in the editing department as it skips thorough quite a few acts very fast but by the time the live aid gig starts and on Blu-ray in its entire 22 minute run you are singing and cheering whilst celebrating a wonderful musician. I love this movie and anyone who watched it says the same thing and I will be watching this again and again!

G’s Rating - 8 /10

Total rating : 17 / 20 This score means that we rate this film a "Golden Era classic" and our first film to Receive the "GOLDEN AWARD"

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