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Avengers Assemble - The Review

The End of Phase one goes out with a big bang

So here we are 4 years after Iron Marvel tries to bring 5 movies together in possible the biggest ensemble cast we have seen in a very long time. it was the biggest risk for he franchise, if it fails, well i don't think i would be writing this now.

To Manage and direct this monster was Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse) he certainly knows how to work with multiple key characters.

WOW do they get this right!

This movie hits every beat you want it to and a lot o times gives you extra punch than you expected.

Watching all these character interact with each other is a delight to witness. the Introduction of Thor into this trio with Iron Man and Captain America still stands up as one of the best scenes of the whole Marvel universe.

One big question going into this movie was HULK! how would Joss work with this monster and how does he make it a success. Well firstly he change s the actor - in comes Mark Ruffalo, gives this role exactly what it was needed, you genuinely believe Bruce is one of the smartest men alive and even manages to steal the limelight from the others at times.

Finally we have the Hulk we deserve!

Loki is also back and is the main villain this time round, it is great to see him back on our screens.

The CGI is as always fantastic and the Script is both easy flowing and brilliantly funny at times.

This is always worth another watch, still as good now as it was when i first watched it!

P's rating - 8.5 / 10

GR'S Review:

Avengers assemble was for me the first real time the weight of the marvel universe started to shine through, not only did it take 3rd spot for highest grossing movie of all time at the time back in 2012, The sheer spectacle that Joss Whedon created was simply amazing!

Here was a superhero team-up movie that needed no introduction to its characters due to the previous build up movies which allows it to simply hit the ground running and keep the action strong and constant throughout the whole movie!

All the characters work superbly together and the final battle was a joyous ride, the movie of course has its flaws the generic alien race as the enemy army being the biggest but honestly it would be nit picking to really highlight any others.

It has strong humour and a now instantly recognizable score!

It goes to show that by building up a gradual movie universe with various movies before hand really does pay off and I would watch this all day long!

It set the tone for what was to come from marvel and shows why Disney were so keen to snap up the MCU!

G's rating 8.5 / 10

Total Rating - 17 / 20

Proud to Give Avengers Assemble the Golden Era GOLDEN AWARD!

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