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Aquaman - The Review

Sometimes its better down where its wetter!

GR: First of let me start by saying that I do enjoy DC movies I liked the Justice League and the extended Batman vs Superman, but I never really rate them in the same bracket as other superhero movies. The same unfortunately is the same with Aquaman while it sounds fantastic on 4K blu ray and looks impressive it falls into a predictable plot line that I saw earlier last year in the much better black panther! What annoys me most with this movie is the trident that can solve the whole movies plot is said to be a myth.... people who live in Atlantis and can talk to fish are speaking about myths when really there shouldn’t be any myths in this universe as it’s quite clearly going to be real! The villain Black Mantaray appears every hour or so in what feels like a drawn out movie but as I said I did enjoy it and if you’ve seen the other DC movies this one is enjoyable maybe another watch will change my mind bu that can wait for another day

G's rating - 6 / 10

PD: It’s safe to say that Jason Momoa Aquaman was one of the stand out elements of the slight disappointment that was Justice League. Unfortunately when you separate Aquaman from the rest of the league one thing is evident - Jason isn’t the best actor in the world. However - you can’t just can’t help being gravitated to him.

All the actors put in a solid (ish) performance but away from them is some superb CGI. The ocean scenes don’t look out of place and early in the film we see a de-aging of Nicole Kidman which is one of the best we have seen.

Yes the story-line is weak in places - and yes it suffers from multiple villains and not enough time spent in either but the action scenes go a long way fixing this. The rooftop chase scene is a particular favorite of mine!

Is Aquaman the best superhero film you will see - not by a long shot. But it’s is in no way the worst either. This is your perfect rainy Sunday afternoon popcorn film. This is a solid effort from DC and is a big step up from the previous disappointments.

P's Rating - 6.5 / 10

Total rating - 12.5 / 20 Not good enough to earn the Golden Rating but a worthy effort that is a big improvement for the DC universe

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