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April Album of the Month - Saturday night Fever OST

This is a perfect example of when a soundtrack out performs the film it supports!

Yes Saturday Night Fever isn't a bad film but this soundtrack is filled with classic disco hits that people still love 42 years later.

This is Disco a some of its best (albeit as its most marketable form).

In some ways this is one of the best Bee Gees albums ever, they make up a third of the track list and have writing credits on other songs, they even grace the album cover!

Stand out tracks "Night Fever" "You should be Danicin" "stayin Alive" "jive Talkin" "disco Inferno" are all perfect songs to get you feet moving dancing around the house.

Is this the best representation of Disco in the 70's? No, the urban disco scene is missing but this album wasn't intended for that audience.

The music pace on this album very rarely eases up and it is very easy to get caught up in the music on offer and before you realize you are 5 or 6 tracks in.

For me this is one of the best soundtracks of all time based on the amount of classic tracks it features.

Give it a listen and i will be amazed if you are not dancing after 30 seconds!

Soundtrack rating - 9 / 10

Best platform to listen - Has to be Vinyl!

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