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Ant-Man The Review

Marvels big little hero.

Ant man was a weird film for me I like Paul Rudd as an actor and the idea of him playing ant man made sense to me, the trailers however did nothing which turns out was a good thing as this game straight off the back of Ultron which had been too over hyped!

So we join Scott an ex burglar that can crack anything who ends up donning a suit previously worn by Michael Douglas!

The action is very fun and it’s amazing how cool things can look when there so small!

The fight on the Thomas the tank engine train set is easily one of the best moments of the film!

The films is a standard ride you know what your in for here! It has humour and good characters albeit a little bit forgettable! But Ant-Man was a good entry into the MCU while it may not have been as popular because it came on the coat tails of Ultron I don’t know but I recommend it as a fun film to watch if just for the shrunken down scenes!

G score is 6/10

PD's Review;

Overall Ant-Man is a fun superhero film. It just suffers from being a little samey!

Our Hero played by Paul Rudd has a less then clean past, takes on the mantle of Iron Man to help Hank Pimm (Michael Duglas) and ends up taking on Pim's former protege Darren Cross who has designed his own version of the suit - the Yellow Jacket.

Its a story line we have seen 1000 times, but this film has some really fun moments, a lot of the Ant-Man fight scenes are very well done, and the shrinking element gives us something new, Never has a child toy train been so exciting!

There is also some stand out performances - Paul Rudd is excellent as Scott Lang (Ant-Man) his comedic tone really makes him fun to watch prime example is his fight with Falcon which is both very clever and equally funny.

A special mention needs to go to Michael Pena as Langs former Cell mate Luis. Pena very nearly steals the whole movie with his comedic timing and tone.

There is even a growing call from Marvel fans to have Luis give recap of the previous MCU going on due to how funny it would be.

Overall not a bad film but at the same time not top on my viewing list.

PD's Rating - 6.5 / 10

Total Rating - 12.5 / 20

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