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American Pie - The Review

Pie will never be the same again!

PD's review:

Its not often a film can come along and 20 years later still give you the same feelings and in this case the same laughs as you did the first time round!

American Pie for me came at a time when I was 16 and just starting my journey to college and also into the world of Girls and Sex.

Its safe to say that American Pie found a generation that were feeling and thinking the same as the characters shown on screen, and that is one of the ways this film works!

Even now watching it back I still laugh because it takes you back to your own memories from 1999.

The films its self is filled with actors you would have seen once tor twice but were not really well known, yet all of them play there part brilliantly.

Starts like Jason Biggs, Sean William Scott, Chris Klein and even Eugene Levi were catapulted into a number of lead roles over next couple of years, even though most of these are best left forgotten (Apart from Loser!!!).

But will forever be known the the gang from the Pie film!

The plot is pretty basic in reality - 4 guys try to get laid before prom!

This might sound boring to some but the antics that happen to our unlucky lads more than make this journey worth while and the laughs will stay with you long after the film has finished!

I say hand on heart if there is another film that has given so many repeatable lines and in general a re-quotable film let me know (apart from Anchorman maybe).

Alongside this film is one of my favorite soundtracks of all time and it really helps to cement this as an all time classic! Filled with great bands and perfectly shows off music in the 99 / 00 period. It still gets regular plays in my house even now.

Was also out soundtrack of the month previously!

I love this film and i cant say a bad word about it! I can and will still quote this film for the rest of my life!

PD's Rating : 8.5 / 10

GR's Review:

So it's summer 1999 and I would have to say the most iconic teen movie to date was released!

American pie the story all about one man's mission to loose his virginity at prom night!

It's a story full of classic moments, laughs and now iconic characters from the like of Jason Biggs and Sean William Scott to name a few!

The films entire plot line is literally the description you'd read on the back of the cover of the DVD or VHS back in the day!

It's never to dull nor feels like it goes on to long but it's one that to this day when any other teen angst or teen movie is released it instantly compared to!

American Pie is the teen movie period!

The soundtrack is a wash with pop punk and punk music which is what being a teenager is all about and it's a shame that most teen movies and any younger movies don't have a soundtrack like this one now a days!

American pie is a film full of laughs, teen confusion and friendship at its heart and one that stands every test of time

GR's Rating - 8 / 10

Total Rating - 16.5 / 20

This fully deserves the "Golden Award", its a great film in which the laughs have stood the test of time (for us at least).

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