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Thor - The Review

God Of thunder - Just!

By now the Marvel train was starting to pick up some speed, The future Avengers film had been announced and excitement was high for what was to come.

Before that they needed to get over the small hurdle of Captain America and Thor.

GR's Review:

So we now arrive on Asgard home world of Thor!

At the time being the most far out movie marvel had tried to do, all the previous movies before were a lot more grounded.

I didn’t really know what to make of Thor at first! After the little tease of the hammer at the end of iron man 2 I was always interested to see what the God of Thunder could do but what we get again is a classic hero must prove himself in order to gain his power!

It’s a theme we are pretty used to and the film does have some light comedy here and there, but a rather dull end fight and rather boring plot tend to make Thor a rather forgettable movie!

It’s certainly not bad or terrible but it’s just a bit meh!

G's rating - 6.5 / 10

PD's Review:

Thor takes its origin story on a slightly different path than previous Marvel films, instead of our hero learning how to use his new powers, Thor looks at what happens when the Hero loses his powers and how they learn to be a better man and earn the right to be Thor.

In the Director seat was Kenneth Branagh (yes from those Shakespeare films), doesn't scream the director for a Marvel film but he did direct Mary Shelley's Frankenstein so knows how to handle larger than life characters.

Taking the Role of Thor was Chris Hemsworth who was more known for his time spent in "Home an Away" and his good looks (not ashamed to say this is one dam good looking man!), turns out he isn't to bad when it comes to portraying a God either.

It may have been a risk putting Mr. Hemsworth in the lead but boy did they add a strong supporting cast to help him out.

Natalie Portman and Anthony Hoskins, both previous Oscar winners playing love interest Jane Foster and Thor's father OdIn. Add in Tom Hiddleston as the brilliantly evil Loki and you have a solid base to build on.

Compared to Iron and Captain America, Thor is possibly the weaker of the 3 films (not including Iron Man 2).

But its difficult to say why, the villain Loki is possibly the best Marvel had produced (and still a fan favorite now). The comedy and action when needed is solid and the CGI is at the usual Marvel standard.

There just feels like something is missing from this, its a feeling which starts about 10 mins in and stays for the rest of the film.

Unfortunately nothing is really bad in this but at the same time it isn't grab you by the collar fantastic.

P's Rating - 6.5 / 10

Total rating - 13 / 20

Not bad by any means but also not groundbreaking.

Perfect film if you want something you don't need to concentrate on.

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